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Photo Cards

LexaLu photo cards are uniquely designed and developed by LexaLu artists, who traveled around the world to capture the images and are inspired by our real life experiences.  These photo cards serve special occasions or holidays with various themes such as love, friendships, dream series, scenery, travel, and children, or when you just want to let someone know “thinking of you.” 


LexaLu Dragon Series

As the most powerful symbol in Chinese mythology, the dragon serves the manifestation of force, determination and power.  LexaLu Dragon Series is designed for customization.  Customize cards with your own words, which will appear on the front of the card.  Plenty of space to write on the back of the card if you like.  Card Size: 4”x8”.  It may take 5-7 extra days to fulfill any customization order.  


You can also order LexaLu photos of any sizes.  Various prices apply.  LexaLu photos are for personal use only.  Commercial applications are strictly prohibited.  Should you have an interest beyond personal use, please Contact US.