Bamboo charcoal deorderizer and humidifier pouch (orange)


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Bamboo charcoal deodorizer and humidifier pouch(orange). 100% bamboo charcoal deodorizer and humidifier pouch is designed to improve moisture and odor conditions, anti-mildew, pest control, preservation and permeability. Bamboo Charcoal Pouches can be placed in refrigerators, wardrobes, shoe racks, beds, pet houses, wooden floors, cabinets, flower pots and exercise bags.  They may be more effective in a small and controlled space.  If placed in new cars, new houses with new furniture, they can improve the smell.  Re-usable, to regenerate the odor absorbing and destroying power of the bamboo charcoal, simply lay the charcoal bags out in bright sunlight for a few hours twice a month.  Each bag holds 30 grams of activated carbon derived from environmentally friendly bamboo, and activated carbon is a natural air purifier.  Size: 3"x3" charcoal bag; 3 1/2"x7" pouch. Color: orange.