Dragon Porcelain Teapot Set 11 Cups with Strainer


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Dragon Porcelain Teapot Set 11 Cups with Strainer.  "Jing De Zhen Cai" on the bottom. This tea set has a tea pot, 10 small and 1 big (with a cover and a plate) matching cups and a removable strainer for blewing loose tea leaves (with a hand shaped base).  The set can serve as a decorative set as well as a practical one.  Teapot size: 1 3/4"H, diameter 3"; Small Cup size: 1 1/8"H, diameter 1 3/4"; Large Cup size: 2" H, diameter: 2.5". Strainer diameter: 2 3/4".  Pattern & Color: White/Yellow with Dragon.  Gift Box.

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