Porcelain Teapot Set 6 Cups with Strainer(Qing Ming Shang He Tu)


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Fine Porcelain Teapot Set 6 Cups with Strainer (Qing Ming Shang He Tu).  This tea set has a tea pot in its handsom size witih a handle (Jing De Zhen Cai on the bottom), 6 matching cups and a removable strainer for blewing loose tea leaves.  The set will help create a memorable tea time as desired.  Teapot size: 3"H, diameter 4" - 2 1/2"; Cup size: 2.5"H, diameter 2.5"; Strainer diameter: 2.5".  Pattern & Color: Earth tone, inspired by the legendary Qingming Shang He Tu (Qingming Riverside Scene).  Gift Box.

Inspired by Qingming Shang He Tu (Qingming Riverside Scene) from Song Dynasty, one of the most famous paintings of all time.  It depicts festive scenery of boats, bridges, shops and offers a glimpse at lifestyle, clothing and architecture of the historic period.

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