Qingming Shanghe Tu Inspired Chopsticks


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Qingming Shanghe Tu Inspired Chopsticks. The painting of the festival of pure brightness on the reiver was accomplished at a stretch, showing vividly the different appearance of hundreds of people and teh prosperity of the Bianliang City.  Views will marvel at its exquisite painting.  The Qingming Shanghe Painting symbolizes the top of painting art.  Now this elegant art is vividly carried out in the chopsticks.  This product selects Wu Yi Mountain's wood as its material.  It is elegant, solid and high temperature resisting.  If you use it to entertain guests at banquets or give it as a present, it will add pleasure and flavor to the eating and drinking.  Style: pointed with a pair of rest holders.  Pattern: Qingming Shanghe Painting Prints.  Material: selected Wu Yi Mountain wood.  Size: 9 1/2".  Packed in an Qingming Shanghe Painting inspired gift box.