Science & Technology - Exploring History


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Science & Technology - Exploring History.  -Humanity's quest for knowledge and explanations.  -The development of science and technology through the centuries.  - Over 200 color illustrations and photographs.  By John Farndon. First published in 2000 by Lorenz Books.  64 pages of texts and pictures.  Hard cover.   

Follow in the steps of scientists, engineers and inventors on a journey of discovery that spans 2000 years.  Meet the men and women whose brilliant minds and quest for knowledge shaped the way we live.  Science and Technology traces the evolution of scientific thought and amazing breakthroughs, from the discoveries of the ancient Greeks to the microchips.  This is an accessible and exciting illustrated reference book that the whole family will enjoy using. 

-Ideal for 8- to 12-year-olds  - Detailed panels highlight major advances   - Clear diagrams illustrate theories   - Fact boxes pinpoint key dates