Visual Encyclopedia of Science


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Visual Encyclopedia of Science.  Kingfisher Copyright Larousse plc 1994.  320 pages.  Hard cover. (Used book, in good condition.)

"The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking."    --Albert Einstein

In this one statement the eminent scientist is saying many diffenret things, most important of which may be that science is an essential part of education and that much of scientifc discovery comes about as a result of learning and understanding science.

The Visual Encyclopedia of Science will help provide the basis for that learning and understanding.  Here readers will find a highly visual presentation of the major scientific areas that will excite and inform.  Designed to provide a broad range of information in text, illustrations, photographs, maps, tables, charts, and fact boxes, this volume will serve as a perfect source of information for browsers and scholars.  It will provide both science projects and leisure activities for the science-minded, and serve as a valuable home referece resource for all ages.

- Planet Earth - The Living World -Stars and Planets -Science and Techology

A thorough knowledge of science is an important key to both academic and personal accomplishment.  Exciting the mind about scidence is the primary goal of this Visual Encyclopedia of Science.  Using highly visual techniques, the reference book provides both the general and the specific knowledge of the major branches of modern science.  Each important topic is explained with carefully-prepared text, supported and expanded by numerous illustrations, photographs, maps, tables, charts, and fact boxes.  Whether it is read for pleasure, study, or reference, this volume will provide an invigorating journey into the heart of science that readers will want to repeat again and again.