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Children's Encyclopedia.  Copyright 2004 by Scholastic Inc.  710 pages. Hard cover. (used book, in good condition)

As Big as a child's curiosity.  Exciting Did you Know? Key Facts and Amazing Facts!  features expand the information and bring the details to life.        - World and U.S. Maps  - Table of Measures and Weights  - World Time Zone Map  - Presidents of the United States, including vice presidents and terms served  - Guide to the Countries of the World  -Classifications of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms  - Guide to the 50 States  - Kid-friendsly Index  - ...and more!

Easy to Use - Hundreds of special features and sidebars make the information easy to find, follow, and use.  Complete - Hundreds of A-to-Z entries covering 20 diffenent subject areas.   Colorful - Thousands of illustrations, photographs, maps, examples of fine art, and the latest in computer graphics.  Expansive - Hundreds of "See Also" boxes encourage kids to look beyond their first interest!