Spricy Sardines in Louisiana Hot Sauce


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Spricy Sardines in Louisiana Hot Sauce.  Wide Caught.  Natural Souce Omega-3: contains 0.93g of Omega-3 fatty acid per serving.  Ingredients: sardines, water, soy bean oil, worcestershire sauce, vinegar, modified tapioca, starch, salt, paprika, chili powerder, guar gum, citric acid, smoked floavor, paprika oleoresin.   Net Wt: 3.53oz (100g). Crown Prince Quality Products Since 1948.  Fresh from the sea to your table.  We work close with quality-conscious fishermen to ensure that our wild caught Sardines are of the finest quality.  Rich in flavor and containing beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, our Sardines are the perfect complement to your snack, meals or all on their own.