Bean Classics 15 Beans Soup Mix with a Seasoning Packet


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Bean Classics 15 Beans with a Seasoning Packet. Country Mix - Beans Gourmet.  Contains 15 beans and a special seasoning packet.  Ingredients: Contains 15 of these varieties: small whites, lentils, blackeye peas, black beans, small reds, dark red kidneys, baby limas, large limas, green split peas, great northerns, pink beans, yellow split peas, garbanzos, pearl barley, pinto bean, light red kidneys, cranberry beans, navy beans and a packet of natural spices. Total fat 0g, cholesterol 0mg, protein 8g. See pack for complete information. Net Wt 1.25 lb. 20oz. (567g)

Elicious, healthy and wholesome.  Today's cooking calls for healthier foods, beans are a major part of a healthier diet.  High in protein and fiber and with no cholesterol, beans make-up nutritional meal.  Recipe included.