Hot Flavour Potherb Mustard (Xue Cai)


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Hot Flavour Potherb Mustard (Xue Cai).  It tastes fresh crisp and delicious. It does not contain any preservative.  It can be eaten directly upon opening teh bag.  Ingredients: potherb mustard, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, chili, msg, citric acid, i+g, spice. See pack for complete info. Net Wt 350g (12.35oz).

LexaLu "To Make a Delicious Meal or Snack" Tips:

- Ready to eat.  Simply open the pack, and spread over rice, porridge or noodles.

- Use Hot Flavour Potherb Mustard (Xue Cai) to enhance the flavour of stir-fry vegetble dishes (add it last to your favorate fresh vegetables), beancurd dishes, or top with fish, or any kind of bean soups or fresh vegetable soups.

- Tofu Salad. Spread over or mix Hot Flavour Potherb Mustard (Xue Cai) with diced fresh Tofu.   Add sesame oil (see pic below) and soy sauce mixture and top with Cilantro if you prefer. Eat cold with rice or porridge. A Tofu Salad can also be enhansed by adding vinegar, seaweed or your favorite vegetables to Tofu dices seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce & cilantro.

- Tofu Bean Curd Salad.  Substitute Tofu "Tofu Salad" with Bean Curd (see pic below).