Preserved Duck Eggs (Pi Dan) (a pack of 6 eggs)1


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Preserved Duck Eggs (Pi Dan) (a pack of 6 eggs).  Ingredients: duck eggs, water, sodium carbonate, salt, tea.  Net Wt 12.69oz (360g).  See pack for complete info.

LexaLu "To Make a Delicious Meal or Snack" Tips:

-Slice duck eggs in half or quarter and dip in prepared soy sauce and sesame oil (see pic below) mixture.  Top with Cilantro if you like.  Serve as appetizer or a cold dish or go with porridge or rice.

-Duck Egg and Tofu Salad.   A personal favorite is to add the sesame oil and soy sauce mixture to tofu and sliced duck egg, mixed or topped with Cilantro if you prefer. Eat cold with rice or porridge. The Salad can also be enhansed by adding vinegar, seaweed or your favorite vegetables.

-Duck Egg Porridge - Use as an ingredient for cooking Porridge with Duck Egg and Pork 

-Duck Egg Sandwich - Used as sandwich filling or spreads for buns or bread