Handmade Woven Necklace (unique, green/red pendant, black chain)


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Woven Necklace (unique, green/red pendant, black chain)  Length: 18”, Pendant diameter: 1 11/16”.   In the collection, there are woven necklaces and earrings featuring a snake in different shapes and positions, with its body curling up in circles or in movement as if it is swimming across water. This design is inspired by Nuwa, the "Snake Goddess" in ancient Chinese mythology best known for creating mankind and repairing the wall of heaven. Ranging from 475BC to 1279AD, various sources had accounts about Nuwa in her half human half serpent body. She was credited to the creation of mankind and the upkeep of the Wall of Heaven, among her multiple roles. Paintings depicted her as part of the male and female joint body of half people and half snake or dragon. Some ethnic groups in South Western China regard Nuwa as their goddess. Customs and festivals have been originated from and inspired by Nuwa's legend, and among them, the "Water-Splashing Festival". The present custom of women covering their faces with fans is recognition of her sacrifices as a creator and a devotor. Nuwa is the traditional divine goddess of the Miao people, and is historically respected and admired for her heroic act in fighting disasters.

Spinning the Wheels.  The collection of ethnic handmade woven jewelry contains cylindrical icons in various colors and sizes, which are inspired  by Prayer Wheels. Mounted on a metal, wood or stone spindle, a prayer wheel is usually a cylindrical wheel in Buddhist tradition, which is used as a mind stabilization tool and technique to train the mind to stabilize while the body is in motion. Turning such a wheel intends to accumulate good karma and purify the bad karma. Types of wheels may include mani wheels or hand prayer wheels, water wheels, fire wheels, wind wheels, electric wheels, digital prayer wheels, as well as stationary prayer wheels with fixed metal wheels set side by side in a row. It is believed that turning such a wheel will affect people almost the same way as reciting the prayers.  As an artistic and spiritual symbol, the jewelry featuring wheels intends to bring spiritual powers such as clairvoyance, precognition, thought reading to the wearer, and enhances wisdom, merit and spiritual wellbeing of the beholder. You do not have to be a Buddhist to wear the jewelry. It is believed the benefits of the turning the wheel practice are magnificent. Simply touching a prayer wheel is said to purify negativities and obscurations and to bring positive energies and protections to all beings that are close and near.

A rare collection of handmade woven jewelry with unique designs, meaningful patterns and vibrant colors is made available right here at your finger tips. It is not only the colors chosen but the surprising combination of colors used in creating the unique patterns that makes it interesting. The fabric jewelry line is of distinctive style and unusual shapes with ethnic fashion, reflecting the dynamic and vibrant strength of modern and contemporary jewelry. This is where tradition and modernity, simplicity and sophistication joint force. Each piece has meaning of its own whether it is for health, fortune, wisdom, protection or spiritual powers and wellbeing.  It speaks to you and enriches your life. Wearing it, you are to incorporate your insights and give new meaning to that piece of jewelry.  Two distinguished patterns highlighted in the collection are snakes in different shapes and cylindrical icons in various sizes. Some swirl up in circles like a snail; others twist and turn their bodies to show movement as if they are swimming across a river. The snake design is inspired by Nuwa, the "Snake Goddess" in ancient Chinese mythology while the cylindrical icons represent prayer wheels.