Natural Bamboo Collapsible Basket (Goose, the Symbol of Loyalty)


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Natural Bamboo Collapsible Basket (Goose, the Symbol of Loyalty). The goose is faithful and never leaves one of its own kind behind. Geese annually migrate to warmer climates during the winter, and they forge ahead with confidence and bravery. This bamboo caved basket will brighten your room with a goose's confidence and determination. Spiral-cut design with a unique foldiing feature, collapsing flat to be used as a handy trivet on table, to be hung on the wall as a piece of wood art, or to be conveniently stored away for travel. Ideal to display fruits, pastry, potpourri, dry flowers, or anything to your taste. Material: caved bamboo. Color: natural bamboo. Design: Twin Dolphins, the Rhythm of Nature. Size: 11"Lx10 1/2"W; basket internal: 8 1/2"- 6 1/2" Oval.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Naturally replenishing with its dense quality, it is an eco-friendly, renewable and versatile resource, and a sustainable green alternative to hardwoods.