SleekTwo-Tone Bamboo Block Trivets 6 Pc (Natural & Mahogany)


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Sleek Comtemporary Two-Tone Bamboo Block Trivets / Coasters 6 Pcs (Natural & Mahogany).  The beautiful two-tone (colors: natual & mahogany) bamboo block trivets / coasters set is made of natural, strong, dense quality bamboo.  With each block in an interesting gourd plant shape, it has Asian flare and Zen feel to it.  It will decorate and streemline your dinning table and space with simplicity and functionality.  Each carries a nice weight and can be multi-purposely used as a trivet or a coaster.  They come in handy in the kitchen or on the breakfast and dinning table.  These mats can also be 4 or 6 put together and placed on the top of a stand or a side table for its functionality and decoration.   Easy to clean.  Design: gourd or calabash plant.  Material: bamboo.  Color: two-tone natural & mahogany; Size: Square 5 7/8". 

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth.  Naturally replenishing with its dense, durable quality, it is an eco-friendly, versatile, highly renewable resource, and a sustainable, ecologically responsible, green alternative to hardwoods.