Classic Hand Crafted Fan with bamboo framework(QingMingShangHe)


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Classic Hand Crafted Fan with bamboo framework (Qing Ming Shang He Tu - Qingming Riverside Scene).  Chinese decorative wall fan, oriental style wall art, or practical hand fan for a special occasion.  Inspired by Qingming Shang He Tu (Qingming Riverside Scene) from Song Dynasty, one of the most famous paintings of all time.  It depicts festive scenery of boats, bridges, shops and offers a glimpse at lifestyle, clothing and architecture of the historic period.  The back features more riverside scenes and a brief introduction of the Qingming Shanghe Tu.  Size: 13" radius, 24" open width.  A unique decorative wall art, and a great gift for holidays, housewarming, graduations, birthdays, Chiese New Year.  Pic shows front and back.