Virtual Travelers - Ethnic Dance Festival (9 Items)


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Virtual Travelers - Experience Ethnic Dance Festival.  One of kind creation!  Explore the spiritual rich ethnic culture, warm the stage/your special place in these colourful hues, and step your steps in inspiring rhythm...You are going to dance the way you never did!  Gift pack! containing 9 amazing items. The picture here does not represent complete or exact items.  It includes the following items:

- 1 set of ethnic necklace, earings and bracelets - a rare collection of handmade woven jewelry

- 1 handmade purse

- 1 set of 20 post cards featuring Chinese ethnic group and its costumes

- 1 Xiang Bao, a traditional hanging ornament or lucky charm 

- 1 fan for wall deco

- 1 piece of themed music (CD)

- 1 piece of themed cloth to be used for table cover/runner or wall deco or gift wrap

Click here for festival food, snacks and drinks as well as recipies.