Virtual Travelers - Tea Time in Old Shanghai (11 Items)


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Virtual Travelers - Tea Time in Old Shanghai.  One of kind creation! Whether you had a sip of green tea in Shanghai or not - a city full of flavors, this is a great treat.  Enjoy the special tea time with the special friends you would like to catch up with.  It will surely bring back sweet memoies.  Gift pack! containing 11 amazing items. The picture here does not represent complete or exact items. It includes the following items:

- 1 elegant set of teapot and cups

- 1 set of bamboo coasters

- 1 pack of quality green tea

- 1 set of old shanghai postcards

- 1 scarf for lady

- 1 purse for lady

- 2 T-shirts (large size)

- 1 themed magnet

- 1 themed fan

- 1 themed cloth to be used for table cover/runner or wall deco or gift wrap

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