100% Pure Sesame Oil Enhansing Smell, Flavor & Texture (M)


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100% Pure Sesame Oil Enhansing Smell, Flavor & Texture (M).  Kadoya. Net 11.0 FL.OZ.

LexaLu "To Make a Delicious Meal or Snack" Tips:

1) Sesame Oil is an important ingredient in traditional Asian style cuisine.  It can be used in uncooked preparations and topped on cooked dishes such as eels with yellow chives.  Sesame Oil is strong, and sometime a few dips Sesame Oil are all it takes to change the taste of an entire dish. 

2) Mix the rich Sesame Oil with Soy Sauce to make an incredible dip or sauce for fish, shrimp, dumplings, or used when roasting seafood, meat and cooking noodles.  Add vinegar or hot sauce if you like.

3) Tofu Salad - A personal favorite is to add the sesame oil and soy sauce mixture to tofu or sliced bean burd, mixed or topped with Cilantro if you prefer.  Eat cold with rice or porridge. A Tofu Salad can also be enhansed by adding vinegar, seaweed or your favorite vegetables to Tofu dices seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce & cilantro.

4) Dried Tofu (see pic below)

- For a cold snack, just open the pack and ready to serve.

- For a cold snack, you can also dip a slice of Dried Tofu in Sesame Oil and Soy Sauce mixture for a stronger taste.  

- Dried Tofu can also be further sliced to be mixed with or cooked with vegetables or pickled vegetables, adding sesame oil or soy sauce if you like -- a delicious dish to go with rice or porridge for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The dried tofu texture will become softer after being heated up in microwave or cooked or dipped in hot water.