Chinkiang Vinegar - a Must in an Asian Style Kitchen


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Chinkiang Vinegar (Zhen Jiang Vinegar).  The pungent black vinegar is a must in an Asian style kitchen.   Ingredients: water, glutinous rice, wheatbran, sugar, salt. Total acidity >=5.5g/100ml.  See pack for complete information.  Net 600g (550ml).

LexaLu "To Make a Delicious Meal or Snack" Tips:

This pungent Vinegar is The Dip for steamed or fried dumplings, spring rolls. The Sauce (vinegar & soy saucemixed with ginger), a traditional sauce for crab meat. 

Just the right Vinegar for vegetable dishes, cucumber salad, tofu salad, or any other salads.