Fresh Chili with Fermented Black Bean


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Fresh Chili with Fermented Black Bean.  A few drops go a long way. Great for spicy seafood dishes.  Add a few drops to stir-fried or steamed rice, vegetables, meats, salads, soups, noodle dishes, or noodle soups if spicy dish is desired. Weight 330g (11.6oz) Ingredients: fresh chili, fermented black bean, soybean oil, sugar, salt, malic acid, citric acid. See pack for complete information. 

LexaLu "To Make Delicious Meals or Snacks" Tips:

- Clean and diced fresh tofu.  Stir-fry fresh tofu with preapred olive oil and garlic mixture.

- Add a bit salt and cooking wine (model LF000030rcw, see below)

- Add Fresh Chili wit Fermented Black Bean.  Top with chopped green unions.  Ready to serve warm.

You may replace fresh tofu with other bean products or vegetables.  Starch for texture if desired, but it should be good as it is.  Fresh Chili with Fermented Black Bean will bring out amazing flavors.