Pickled Sour Mustard (Jie Cai)


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Pickled Sour Mustard (Jie Cai).  Ingredients: Mustard (Jie Cai), vinegar, salt, sugar, water, sodium metabisulphite(E223), sodium benzoate(E211), monosodium glutamate(E621), food coloring tartrazine(E102).  See pack for complete info.  Net Wt 10.5oz/300g/250ml. Drained Wt 8.8oz/250g.

LexaLu "To Make a Delicious Meal or Snack" Tips:

Slice the Pickled Mustard (Jie Vegetable) and use them for enhancing the flavour of stir-fry vegetble dishes (mix with your favorite fresh vegetables), beancurd dishes, hot pot, or any kind of bean soups or fresh vegetable soups.